Johanes Ribli : Nine Steps You Can Take to Increase and Generate New Leads

Johanes Ribli:
1. Referrals are your number one lead generator, set up a Referral Program now. Begin asking your current and standing customers/clients for referrals, right now! Never ask for a referral until after your client has confirmed you have delivered value, quality knowledge and/or desired outcomes to them. When your current customers and clients love you they will often share referrals with you without hesitation.

2. Call-up past customers or clients and ask them for new business opportunities. It’s okay to go back three to five years or more, or to customers or clients you’ve sold just last month, make the calls. You’ll be glad you did.

3. Find a niche market inside of your current network of clients. It’s there, you have to look closely and deeply, and you’ll eventually see the need, and your company can be the one to niche it.

4. Stay in contact with your current clients on a regular basis. Set up a weekly or monthly news letter with a tip they can use or new information on your industry. To set up email campaign go to:, or

5. Create the ‘WOW’ Factor for your clients. Get to know them on a semi personal level by taking a general and genuine interest in them. Make them feel important when you communicate with them by knowing something personal about them. Example: Children’s names, anniversary, birthday, their last vacation, and make sure they know you know the information.

6. Provide a free speech presentation at a community meeting on your industry or services. Explain to the attendees how your industry or company’s services can help to solve some of their problems.

7. Start and host your own talk radio show. You can listen to one that I used to host at It’s free and will build you as an expert in your field.

8. Write an article for a magazine or popular online blog. Especially, if you can find an article already published and you hold the opposite opinion of the topic in the article. Or you can work to get on a radio show or TV program to discuss your opposite opinion.

9. Build alliances with other companies and organizations where you can benefit from each other. Example: If you’re in the financial planning industry build an alliance with an estate planning attorney, you can refer business to each other.

About the Author:

Chris Livingston has become known as America’s Maximum Thinking™ Coach. He’s the author of the book Pathways to Success: A Better Way for Your Today. His “can–do” attitude and effective ability to teach interpersonal skills that bring forth rewarding real-life results, has made him a valuable “go-to” consultant and mentor for those facing challenges in business, career and life. With over 20 years as a successful entrepreneur, Chris has helped many businesses to shift and change their company’s mindset to achieve greater success in sales, team efficiency, strategic business development, and in making excellence “The Standard.” He believes in and embraces the philosophy of Dr. Wayne Dyer, “When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”