Johanes Ribli : Turning the Corner and Building a Fresh, Branded Mansion

Johanes Ribli :
If you came out of the “storm” today, what would/could you do?

For too long, too many of us have been captains of a vessel caught in fierce and unpredictable tsunami “storms” caused by unpredictable swings in the economy and general business environment. Depending on your particular situation, that vessel may be a yacht or merely a canoe, but in many cases, even those fortunate enough to sail giant luxury cruise ships have found themselves just hoping to survive the storm and make it through. And all too often, we make it through one storm only to find ourselves ill-prepared to prevent or face the ensuing storm that’s barreling our way right behind it. And regardless of size, your boat can only withstand so many storms before it becomes incapacitated and weak, making preventing and surviving the next storm a challenge.
We have been on this stormy path too long; it’s now time to turn the rudder and navigate to shore. Coming out of the storm is not enough. Instead, we have to have a plan, passion, purpose, and promise ready to put in place, once we can escape all this stormy weather and find some shelter on dry land. The absence of this preparation will result in us experiencing a mental storm that will soon propel us back into a physical storm. And once on shore, we need to find solid ground and prepare to build a “Fresh, World-Class Branded Mansion” (representing your personal brand) instead of trying to patch up a “local generic shack”.

The Fresh Blueprint
The blueprint for building this Fresh Branded Mansion is the proven process that has helped thousands—Fresh PASSION. This process takes you from being a generic to a world-class brand, and helps you elevate your brand to the next level, if you are one of the select few who already possess a winning brand. By following this laser-focused and disciplined winning plan of action, you will gain the ability to survive, prosper during, and even prevent storms. This ability will give you an edge over your competition and position you to experience exponential personal, professional and economic success.

Don’t Think about Riding out the Storm
You could simply continue to “ride out” the storm in whatever vessel has taken you this far, but riding out the storm is not the best option. It has been tried and, time and again, it has failed. Just sitting in your boat is not the answer; nor is inviting a lot of your negative friends on the ship and throwing a party. The answer is developing a laser-focused and disciplined navigation plan and moving forward at an accelerated pace. This will help you to successfully perform, deliver, and stay on course through any storm or adversity you encounter.
The best success navigation plan you can have is to turn yourself into a clear, compelling, and competitive personal brand. As such, you will be seen as someone who can add and deliver value in the economic tsunami threatening to engulf us all. This, my friend, puts you on the path to personal, economic, and professional success. Becoming a successful brand will work, whether you are employed, underemployed, an entrepreneur, executive, middle manager, entry-level employee, college student, recent graduate, or at any other stage of your professional and/or educational career.
Becoming a brand always works, and not just for individuals, but for companies and organizations, as well. You have to provide a branded customer experience that your employees can emulate and use to attract, retain, and grow your customer base.

Are You Ready to Turn the Corner and Build Your Fresh Branded Mansion?
As I said earlier, you want to take shelter from the storm in a Fresh, Branded Mansion. Not a generic shack, and not one of those cookie-cutter “McMansions” that were so popular during the Dotcom Boom—they cost a lot of money and attract a lot of attention, but offer little in the way of real architectural value, and tend to lose most of their worth in difficult times like these. No, you want a genuine mansion—classy, well-built, tastefully impressive, something that offers an intrinsic value that remains high, even during the worst housing markets.
How do you build a Fresh, Branded Mansion? Well, it’s not easy, or everyone would be doing it: but through hard work and following the eight phases of Fresh PASSION, you can construct a “dream house” that will lead to the life and career you want and deserve. These phases include:

Fresh – a mansion that is well-built, represents who you are, and retains its sale value at all times.   

Preparation – only using the freshest and highest-quality materials for your mansion’s foundation, roof, furniture, landscaping, nails, blueprint, etc.

Aspiration – when you design your mansion, do you go for something typical and safe or something eye-catching and bold that puts it ahead of other mansions?

Stay laser-focused – using levels and inspections to make sure your mansion’s structural integrity is sound and that the physical results match the aspirations of your design. 

Sell like you are crazy – becoming a real estate expert so that, when it’s time to put your mansion on the market, you know exactly who to sell it to and what features to accentuate to get the maximum bids.   

Invigorate – making the effort to maintain your mansion’s “curb appeal” through landscaping, additions, renovations, etc.

Omitting the negative – ignoring and repelling comments from any naysayers, or occurrences of self-doubt that pop up along the road to building the home of your dreams.   

Nailing the brand – really “nailing” your mansion together and ensuring everything is ready for you to move in, show it off to others, and use it to serve others – using your mansion to host holiday meals and celebrations, ensuring that it benefits friends, family, coworkers, customers and clients—not just you.

You Can Brand Your Way to Success
My staff and I were able to grow and prosper during the global recession/downturn/out-of-control economy. My secret was (and still is) the consistent development and fresh and flawless execution of my personal brand through my trademarked and signature process, Fresh Passion (Get a Brand or Die a Generic)®. I used this process to help thousands of individuals, entrepreneurs, executives, and students achieve exponential personal and professional success.
Over the coming months, I will share the eight phases of the proven Fresh Passion (Get a Brand or Die a Generic)® process with you. It is my hope, strong belief, and personal desire that you, too, can develop, and flawlessly execute, your powerful and competitive personal brand that will yield consistent and exponential personal and professional success, even in this environment!
So, with all hands on deck, and overtime on the construction site, we will build a Fresh Branded Mansion and achieve and experience exponential personal, economic and professional success!
Ready to turn the corner and build your Fresh Branded Mansion and leave the “shacks” to the generics?

About the Author:

Michael D. Brown is a sought after motivational speaker, management expert, consultant, and best-selling author. Through Michael’s signature programs and commitment to delivering results both through and with people, he has helped a number of Fortune 500 companies create and deliver world-class experiences that led to double-digit growth to their bottom lines.

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