Leave Your DISTRACTION And Take Action quote by Johanes Ribli

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Now is a great time for you to take action in your life. Are you aware of the things that are holding you back from moving forward? Any circumstance that keeps you from fulfilling your purpose is a distraction.
Through the word DISTRACTION we present 11 areas that you could face at anytime. The question you must answer is, what is holding you back?
Is it Disappointments? In your mind do you see yourself failing over and over again? Michael Jordan who is one of the greatest basketball players of all time missed more shots than he has made. Michael went on to win 6 championships knowing that if he kept shooting great things were to come. Wake up with a winning attitude so life can appoint you instead of disappoint you.
Is it Ignorance? Do you struggle because of what you don’t know? Not everyone is a genius or a walking encyclopedia. Find out what you need to know to succeed in your job or business. Learn from your mistakes and be willing to listen to your elders.
Is it Selfishness? Be honest, are you the one that is not too quick to share time or resources? The one you are always running from and don’t want to be bothered with could be the one that has what you need. Think about this, if your arms are always crossed and fists balled up nothing can be put into your hands.
Is it Tardiness? Are you going to be late to your own funeral? In 2012 the early bird still gets the WORM (Wisdom, Opportunities, Resources, and Money). If you work 9to5 Monday through Friday commit to be at least minutes early each day which equals to only 25 extra minutes per work week. Start showing up on time and watch what happens.
Is it Relationships? Do you treat others like you want to be treated? When you leave work do you leave work at work or do you let the job rob you of family time? Are you able to keep your serious family issues out of the boardroom and off of the table topics? Before you hate on someone try to relate to someone.
Is it Aim? Are you guilty of aiming low? If you are one to never look up, you may often feel and find yourself at the bottom. If you focus and aim high you will find the opportunities and rewards will be greater. Aim high for the stars and you will take yourself far.
Is it Consistency? Are you good one minute and not so good the next? Everyone has ups and downs in their journey. Are you willing to practice more so people count on your performance? Find a way to win and keep winning.
Is it Talent? If you were in the stands watching you would you boo? Have you ever thought that maybe your gifts are not in the right position or the opportunity is not right for your gifts? Ask others what you are good or great at? Improve or change your groove.
Is it Idleness? Do you have to keep busy at all times? Are you afraid that if you take a break your life may break down? Sitting still maybe just what the doctor ordered. With a clear mind the dreams you have been chasing can begin to chase you.
Is it Organization? Can you find anything? Do you know where your appointment book is or the tablet that you recently wrote down your million dollar idea in? Clutter can make your career stutter. A clear path will open visions so you can see your destiny.
Is it Needs? At times are you like most and confuse what you want with what you truly need? Inventory your needs to the bare minimum and watch life take you to maximum. Begin to appreciate what you have and find ways to multiple stream your dream.
If nothing is holding you back and everything is picture perfect in your life please pass these words of encouragement on to someone else so they can leave their DISTRACTION and take action. Find what clouds are in your sky and move them out the way so your life can see more sunshine.

Hello! What is one strategy you use to leave your distractions and take action? Please feel free to share your strategy by commenting below. Help our readers to learn and grow more on this topic. Thank you in advance for sharing.

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