Johanes Ribli : 6 Ways to Grow and Sustain Team SPIRIT

Johanes Ribli :
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Do you see it? Can you hear it? When was the last time you honestly felt, trusted or believed it?
What I am referring to is today’s elusive — sustained Team Spirit!
Team Spirit, according to, means the feelings of camaraderie among the members of a group, enabling them to cooperate and work well together.
There are many teams today that cannot both claim sustained Team Spirit and unanimously prove “Our Team Spirit has never been stronger.” Is your current Team one of them?
If you are currently the leader of a Team struggling with low, dysfunctional or no Team Spirit daily, here are six practical strategies to help your Team to improve, grow, and capture sustained Team Spirit:
Speak continuously to your Team members with confidence.
– Your Team’s vision, purpose, and goals have to be heard from a cohesive group of positive and supportive voices that care about, support, and lean on one another for the continuous growth and success of the Team.
Permeate accountability and positive attitudes through each Team member daily.
– True Team Spirit can only build and flow when each Team member takes unwavering ownership of their accountability and positive attitude daily.
Inclusion: The right choice for all—all of the time.
– Acceptance, equality, diversity, awareness, emotional intelligence, opportunity, advancement, flexibility, and resilience are the inclusion of stepping stones for extraordinary Team Spirit.
Respectful relationships are a must and they’re golden.
– Engage and respect each Team member with good intentions and valued appreciation. Make it your daily Team Spirit success habit to give respect and kind engagement to all Team members on stressful, tough, okay, good, or fantastic days.
Inspire the uninspired, disgruntled or disengaged Team member sooner versus later.
– If you are the leader of an ‘uninspired’ and ‘unmotivated’ Team, take it to heart, and step up right now to engage your Team through honesty, appreciation, inspiration, and with caring open to ears hear their unsaid concerns and suggestions for improvement in Team Spirit. Do not respond with corny attempts at team building or dated activities to inspire people. Carefully listen to each of your Team members with good intentions and allow them to influence your spirit on what to do going forward to turn things around. A genuinely inspired Team member will do their part for the Team when they clearly see, feel, experience, and know that every Team member has one another’s back on any given day.
Teach and develop honesty, ethics, sensitivity, happiness, and trust through continuous valued-added training.
– Actively providing professional development ensures that knowledge and skills increase, stay fresh, and up to date in the minds, hearts, and performance of your Team members. In turn, preparing and empowering each Team player to strive for and capture AWESOME Team Spirit status each day.
Bonus Fact: When all Team members fully accept and trust one another without reluctance or the stress of feeling left out or left hanging, that’s when your Team’s Spirit will be on the right path of sustained Team Spirit.

Happy Team Spirit Greetings! What is one strategy you use to increase the Team Spirit of your Team? Please feel free to share your strategy by commenting below. Help our readers to learn and grow more on this topic. Thank you in advance for sharing.

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