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It’s important to talk about mental health issues so that people feel comfortable getting the help they need. When you remove the stigma that comes with mental health struggles, it creates a safe environment for people. Workplace mental health has come into the spotlight more and moreover over the years especially in light of high-profile killings in the workplace. Seemingly normal people one day snapped. But the truth is that there were signs. And if people felt like they could take the appropriate time to work out their mental health challenges, maybe these tragedies could be avoided.

As an employer, you have the power to offer people services and benefits to get the help they need. Getting professional help for mental health needs is expensive. Here are some of the services you can offer to help your employees with their mental health.

1. Paid Time Off After the Death of a Loved One

Grief is a strange thing and there are many stages to it. By giving your employees paid time off when they lose someone close to them you communicate that you care. You’re putting your money where your mouth is when it comes to employee mental health. Instead of requiring them to immediately come back to work, you are giving them time to grieve and mourn in the ways they need. With paid time off, the last thing they need to worry about is money.

2. Offer Alternative Working Conditions

If your employees can work remotely, there is no reason for them not to. There are many great arguments for remote work and if the employee is getting the work done. Giving them a flexible work environment means that employees have more freedom when they are dealing with grief in the workplace, depression, or anxiety. Plus, many employees report having a better work-life balance with more remote work and were better able to manage stress and anxiety than being in the office.

3. Therapy Services

Getting help is critical when people’s mental health is hurting. Whether it’s anxiety, crippling depression, or coping with loss, mental health crises require intervention. By providing private therapy services for your staff through a third-party, not only can they feel more comfortable reaching out, but they can also get the help they need without worrying about the cost. This can help people work through the loneliness that comes and goes throughout the year.

4. Offer Wellness Programs

Sometimes people need to know it’s okay to take care of themselves before they even have an issue. By offering wellness programs that focus on mental, physical, and emotional health, your employees will be more prepared when major issues pop up. Wellness programs can include spa discounts for relaxation. They can incorporate fitness center memberships or discounts. You can also offer life coaching through your wellness programs to help people overcome limiting mindsets.

5. Management Training

Training managers on how to better deal with people can improve employee mental health tremendously. Employees who are treated poorly by their supervisors and other managers can deal with anxiety, fear of retribution, and stress levels that are outside of the norm. Giving your managers and supervisors the best training is a good help for employee mental help. You’ll also need to provide accountability when you have management abuse their position over their staff.

6. Great PTO Policies

It can be stressful when people get sick, or they need to care for a sick loved one. This stress spills over into every aspect of the work environment. Creating a comprehensive PTO policy that allows people to take time off when needed can do a lot to relieve the mental load they experience. Additionally, putting all the PTO; vacation, and sick time; into one bucket can do a lot for people’s mental health. Having a good policy in place is great for mental health at work.


There are a lot of benefits and services that you can provide your employees that can help improve their mental health. By offering PTO when someone is grieving, to having a wellness plan in place to help reduce workplace stress, you can do a lot to help your staff. Having trained employers who understand people and know when to extend them the time and grace they need to heal their minds will create a safer and healthier workplace for everyone.

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