Johanes Ribli Gorilla Motivation: 6 Outdoor Activities To Keep Kids Active

Johanes Ribli Gorilla Motivation:

Many studies are advocating the benefits of outdoor activities for kids. Experts also correlate outdoor activity from best health to better eyesight and anxiety issues. Parents should prefer to take their kids out in the evening so that they start playing outside, enjoying it, and practicing it.

Here is a complete list of various outdoor games you can play with your kids to encourage outdoor play. Let’s know about some of the outdoor activities that you can play with your kids and help them in being active:

1. Scavenger Hunt:

The scavenger hunt is one of the games that every kid loves. For the game, the parents usually list some items and hide them, and then the hints are provided to the kids to lead them to their destinations. Scavenger hunts allow the kids to practice the problem-solving tendency tangibly. They do work in teams to gather the items and win over.

While looking online, you can find many types of scavenger hunt checklists. Although you can also create one of your own as it has many benefits:

You can customize it as per your yard.
Can involve bigger kids from making it interesting
It will be as per your child’s interests and abilities.

Try playing with them to check their abilities and motivate them to participate in such games to increase their retention power.

2. Doggy where is the bone:

For the game, the child, known to be the doggy, turns around while the other ones steal the bone. Bone can be any object, or even a toy bone can be used to make it real. Once the doggy turns around, all kids attempt to give a guilty look, and the doggy needs to guess who stole it.

Allow your little ones to guess who picked it up, and if they picked the right person, he turns out to be the doggy. Although if you allow your older kids to play, then try limiting the number of guesses they can make. 

3. Cubby House:

Cubby House is related as a homemade up of timber in the garden for children to play with. It can also be called an outdoor playhouse for kids. Every child dreams of having a cubby house of their own to play and spend some time doing their things.

A customized cubby house can be made as per the requirements of the children and parents. They both can actively participate and arrange it as per their wish. There are many companies offering cubby houses online for kids to enjoy their birthday parties and playtime.

4. Balancing Challenges:

It is one of the best outdoor games for kids to improve physical and mental development for this three fun balancing challenges.

Do the Hop: Start by draping a bandana or any other lightweight fabric over your child’s feet. On lifting the same feet, they can hop down and up without losing the same fabric.
Back to back: Allow your children to sit on the ground with their back towards each other. They need to stand up without taking any help from anyone or their own hands. A quick tip: they can press each other and pull it off.
Please do not drop the ball: Allow your kid to hold the ball between their knees and then try to walk ahead. Check if they can give it a fair try.

5. Hungry Snake:

For the game, you just need a jumping rope and a few players. Allow your kids to gather around a person (snake) standing in the center. Snake here spins around while holding the jumping rope and creating a circular pattern.

Other players can try hopping on the rope as it starts approaching, and if it touches any of them, they are out of the game. Each player should be given a glass full of water while jumping to enhance the fun factor on any hot day.

6. Backyard Bowling:

Motivate your kids to set up a makeshift bowling alley with the help of bottles or cans. There are many options to buy bowling kits online as well as offline. You can check, or even with the help of cans, you can create your own. This is one of the best games for kids as they do not need to go out to feel the thrill of bowling.


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