Johanes Ribli Gorilla Motivation: 8 Ways To Choose The Right Engagement Ring

Johanes Ribli Gorilla Motivation:

So, you’ve been with the love of your life for years now, and you can’t wait to take the next step forward in your relationship. Because after all, what can be a better proof of love than marriage, right?

But choosing the right kind of engagement ring for your lady love can be tricky, especially since there are thousands of beautiful rings to choose from hundreds of stores.

Well, worry not, because this article is here to help you on how to choose the engagement ring that will make your girl say YES in a second!

1. Choosing a metal for the band

This is essentially important because the kind of band that you choose will depend on the kind of lifestyle your significant other will lead.

Traditionally, the band is made of elements like gold, silver, or even platinum. But recently, rose gold has emerged as a wonderful alternative, with its light pinkish color. You may also decide if you want tiny stones or designs set in the band itself or not!

2. Choosing the size

A lot of your budget shall depend on the carat size of the stone that you wish to incorporate into the ring. While some prefer a larger-sized stone to a whiter one, others will want the clearest possible stone for their partner. So, the age-old dilemma of quality vs quantity is very much applicable here too.

3. Choosing the stone

This is perhaps the question every man needs an answer to. We have all watched movies or series where the man proposes to his lover with a diamond ring the size of a watermelon! But is this always the case? I would say no!

While the main stone can definitely be a sparkling diamond, you may also choose any other stone that your partner prefers, such as a ruby, topaz, emerald, or something else. Because when it comes to love, every stone is equally precious!

4. Certification

While you think of the perfect ring in mind, do not forget to buy it from a reputed store that has certified gems/stones.

Some accredited stores are Engagement Rings Melbourne by Larsen jewelry or the American Gem Society. Buying an engagement ring is one of life’s most important purchases, so be sure to buy only a certified one!

5. Size

So, your ring is perfect, the setting is perfect, but alas, the ring is too small or too large to fit properly in your partner’s fingers! Wouldn’t that be a mood-killer?

Therefore, it is important to know the size of the ring you wish to buy beforehand so that the ring fits perfectly! You may take a thread and measure your partner’s finger for accurate measurements too!

6. Engagement ring and wedding band

The engagement ring is just half of the real deal – you’ll also have to check if the ring goes well with your wedding band or not. The wedding band is the actual symbol of love; make sure to consider the channel-set stones before choosing the engagement ring.

7. Negotiation

Let’s be honest, weddings are extremely expensive, and buying rings take up nearly half of the budget. So, it’s harmless to negotiate slightly with the seller regarding the pricing of the ring.

No, you won’t get a 90% discount, but you’ll be sure to get a decent amount of price off if you negotiate cleverly with the sellers.

8. Wholesale rings

It is always a good option to work with non-traditional diamond retailers or wholesalers for your ring, especially if you want a custom-made ring for your special one.

This ensures a one-on-one contact between the wholesaler and customer, and ensures a good quality product as well as reduces unnecessary markups.

Over to you…

Purchasing the perfect engagement ring is definitely a task, so be sure to keep in mind the kind of design and stones that your partner likes.

For example, the Engagement Ring Bible states that 86.2% of to-be brides claimed the overall design of the ring was their #1 priority, while the price of the ring was rated #1 priority by 62.7% of brides, and the sentimental value of the ring was the topmost priority of 58.3% women.

Therefore, the perfect engagement ring is a cocktail of all these factors put together, but it is definitely not an impossible task. You may read up beforehand or look at some choices online to make things clearer to you. So, worry not, and propose in the best way possible!

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