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Nurses are one of the in-demand professions nowadays due to the pandemic situation the world is facing. They have a very important job in aiding people who need medical attention, and they are doing their best to fulfill their duties and responsibilities despite how exhausted they are. That’s why, to give thanks to them, National Nurses Month was added to the calendar. Advantage Medical Professionals travel nurses or any nurses are treated specially during this day. 

A Brief History of National Nurses Week

What month is National Nurses Month? October 11 to 16, 1954  was the first week held to celebrate National Nurses’ Week. Later on, it was moved to May 6 to 12 by the International Council of Nurses. Florence Nightingale is the one who inspired the national nurses’ week. She was a nurse during the war and was known for organizing nurses to treat soldiers and was called “The lady with the lamp”. Her birthday is on May 12. That’s why the council decided to move the celebration to also commemorate the goodness she did.  Why do we celebrate Nurse Appreciation Month? This is to give thanks to nurses for aiding people who need medical attention as well as giving them time to relax. 

4 Weeks of National Nurses Month 

Week 1: Self-Care 

This week focuses on the well-being of the nurse. This is the time they check on what their body and mind need. Most companies handling nurses would give a wellness program for their nurses to follow, so they can relax and renew their bodies and mind. A Wellness program may include the following:

Day 1: Physical Exercise

The proper way of exercising that fits a nurse’s routine may be given and demonstrated by professionals who are aware of how nurses work and give them the proper exercise routine that they need. 

Day 2: Nutrition 

Nutrition tips are given. For example, what to eat to boost your immune system. Since most nurses shift from day to night schedule. Their body clock is usually confused, and they may not be able to get complete rest. With this kind of setup, boosting the immune system can be helpful in order for the body to be more flexible and fit into the work schedule nurses have. 

Day 3: Safety 

Nurses are exposed to a lot of risks. This is why safety and prevention are important on their part. They are given tips on how to prevent getting infected and get them updated with all the new ways of how to prevent picking up viruses and other bad elements during their duty. 

Day 4: Improving Quality of Life 

Nurses are so into their jobs most of the time, and they forget how to live without stress from work. Giving nurses some tips on how to find creative outlets can make them relieve themselves from stress and unwind whatever negative energy they have from work. Looking for an outlet can be helpful, especially when people are too stressed from their jobs. 

Day 5: Rest 

For the body to be able to work 100% again, rest is needed. Some nurses lack sleep for too long shifts or overtime work or nurses who work on night duty cannot get the complete sleep they need. Nurses are given tips on how to adjust their routines to be able to get the sleep they need. 

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Week 2: Recognition

The second week of celebration is recognition. Stories from nurses are published and shared to commemorate them for the things they did as a nurse as well as inspire other nurses and other people to do the same. 

Week 3: Professional Development

During this week, nurses are given guides and resources on how to advance their career as a nurse. Nurses deserve to get all the learning they get since they still have a long way to go. They deal with different people, and they have to be able to apply new techniques and methods to make services better. As a way of supporting them, continuous training and resources are given to broaden their knowledge of their professions. 

Week 4: Community Engagement

Public support will be sought to help nurses fund their needs. Funds will be used to directly support their financial needs, support the mental health of nurses or aid them in getting access to the latest science-based information to continually protect themselves from the risk they are exposed to. 

Appreciating nurses during National Nurses Month is important to be able to show our support to them. Their roles are important in giving balance to the medical fields and attending to our medical needs. They deserve to be appreciated for the work they did and will be doing. 

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