Johanes Ribli Gorilla Motivation: Best Prayers For Strength To Face The Tough Times

Johanes Ribli Gorilla Motivation:

Difficult time weakens a person, and it is an uninvited guest. Whenever you are most disappointed and your difficult time stands to disappoint you, then you need prayers the most, by which you Feel yourself strong.

At this time prayers for strength will help you the most in making you strong.

Why Prayer for Strength

There comes such a phase of life when we feel lost in the whole world, in such a situation there is nothing left for us, then we should pray to our Almighty God for strength and wisdom.So that we can feel strong and do something good in life, so that this difficult time in your life will go away.

How Prayer for Strength Work

Sometimes we get entangled ourselves while praying, unable to concentrate our mind. But if we seek guidance through faith then this prayer can give you peace and right guidance. Prayer is not a magic you pray and all your troubles will go away immediately but prayer is a healing There will be calm and you will come up with new ideas which will surely remove your difficulties.

These prayers about strength will empower you so that with its help you can get through your toughest days. And if you have a family member or friend who is struggling, you can send this prayer to them too.

Here is a collection of some of our Prayers For Strength. May it give you hope and encouragement to persevere with a bold confidence!

Best Prayers For Strength 

“Give us the power of the mind, let the mind win, so that we can face every trouble in life.”

Unique Best Prayers For Strength

“O God, I pray to you that even if you do not support me in difficult times, give me the courage to stand firm in those difficult times.”“No problem can be bigger than man’s power.”

“There is no one better than you. God , please understand my problem and solve it.”

“I am nothing without you, you are everything.Please Give me strength.”

“A person realizes his strength only in times of trouble. May should never underestimate you”

“Oh god help me in this difficult time of my life. I want to Stay Strong.”

Best Prayers For Strength

“O God, you are synonymous with power, circulation of power is done by you in the whole world, give me strength too, so that I can face every situation firmly.”

“O God, you have given speed to the whole world, because of you everything in the world is moving, you also give me so much strength that I can face my difficult situations.”

“Oh god I have no one without you to give me strength.”

“O God let me know my strength in this difficult time.”

“Based on the power of this world, give me strength so that I can live in my power.”

Motivational Prayers For Strength In Life

Prayers For Tough Times To Give Strength

“Dear Almighty, I devote my utmost loyalty to you. Please, heal my heart from impurities and devastations, and grant me calm and peace!”

Prayers For Tough Times To Give Power To Live

“By God’s pleasant grace, I pray that you find healing, tranquility, and strength in your soul in times of despair and trials.”
“God rewards those who put their undivided faith in Him. May your patience and goodwill get rewarded with strength and healing!”
“Dear Almighty, set my heart ablaze with glorious strength and purposeful courage, so I can battle the obstacles to come by your grace!”

“Through heaven and earth, God is the only glorious one. May He fill your heart with courage and honest determination towards goodness!”

Prayers For Tough Times To Give Strength

“I pray to God for giving you strength in difficult times and bless your spirit with the courage to defeat all evil!”
“God is the only being who is omnipotent, omnipresent, and omniscient. May He grant you the strength, wisdom, and guidance your heart seeks!”
“Dear Almighty, I turn to you with a sorrowful heart and dejected spirit. Bless me with your heavenly peace and grant me comfort and strength!”
“God, when I feel my bones go weak, I realize how fickle humans are! Aid me with strength and comfort and allow me to fulfill my duties till the end!”
“Nobody can comfort a crushed soul and release the disappointments of failures but God! Praying that He blessed you with his comforting energy and calming aura.”

Strength Prayers To Overcome Depression

“May God Almighty soothe the pains of your soul and comfort your disturbed spirit. Rest your head in submission and God will take care of the rest!”

Strength Prayers To Overcome The Life Depression

“Dear Lord, may our family be the reflection of your dear devotees and receive your blissful generosity, kindness and strength!”

“God’s abundant love and affection are passed to us through family’s adoration and compassion. Oh Father, give strength, wealth, and health to my family!”

“Some days are harder than the rest, but my friend, you will succeed as long as Lord’s infinite mercies are upon you! May He grant you strength and courage!”

“Lord, I am feeling weak and overwhelmed. Please grant me the strength to face my challenges with courage.”

Strength Prayers To Overcome Depression

“Heavenly Father, please grant me the physical, emotional, and spiritual strength to persevere through this trial.”

“God, I trust in Your power and Your love. Please give me the strength I need to overcome this obstacle.”

“Lord, I am relying on You for strength. Please lift me up and give me the resilience I need to keep going. Amen.”

“Lord, I am hurting and in need of Your comfort. Please bring Your peace and Your presence to my heart and mind, and help me to find rest in You.”

“God, I am feeling lost and alone. Please surround me with Your love and Your support, and give me the strength and courage to keep moving forward.”

Motivational Prayers For Strength In Life

“Dear God, please give me the strength to be patient and trust in Your timing. Help me to remember that Your plan is perfect, even when things seem uncertain or difficult.”

Motivational Prayers For Strength For Better Life

“God, I am struggling to be patient and I am feeling overwhelmed by the challenges I am facing. Please give me the strength and the peace I need to trust in Your plan and to find joy in the journey.”

“Dear God I come to you for strength—strength of body, strength of mind and strength of soul. I feel the infilling of your Spirit. I feel the assurance of your upholding presence. Thank you, God, for strength.”

“Dear God I come to you for wisdom—wisdom to know what I should do, wisdom to choose the course that means growth and understanding. Thank you, God, for wisdom.”

“I am struggling with everything right now, and I pray that you give me the hope to go on. Please give me hope and purpose so I have a goal to achieve.”

Motivational Prayers For Strength In Life

“Dear God I come to you for courage—courage to face every experience, courage to stand strong and firm in the midst of situations that require much of me. Thank you, God, for courage.”

“ have done all things and stayed away from all the food I am not supposed to have.”

“Bless me, Father, for more strength to keep it this way.”

“Give me the grace to be stronger and encourage me to keep pushing on.”

“Please help me as I uncover your will for my life, and give me the strength to take steps in the right direction.”

“Reveal it to me and help me to have the strength required to overcome my shortfalls and insecurities.”

Top 10 Inspirational Prayers for Strength 

“Whatever you do God it is all good then why am I suffering today please get rid of this problem.”

Top 10 Inspiring Prayers for Strength

“O God give me the strength to cross this dark sea of ​​sorrow.”
“God, you are the power to run the whole world, give me power too and remove the darkness of my mind.”
“Every day brings a new energy ppand enthusiasm to give me the strength to start a new life.”
“When a person does not get the answer to his life’s problems, then he goes to God, he gives him peace, I have also come to you, take me in your shelter.”
“O God, take me away from this uneasiness and give me relief.”
“God gave me so much courage that I remember you only to say thank you, I will deal with the rest of the problems myself.”
“You are in every corner of this world, who is better than you please help me.”
“Everything in this world is from you only if you are there then everything comes automatically you are the source of infinite power help me.”
“I have not seen any support other than you, I request you to stay with me forever.”
“Take me across this ocean of God, I have no one but you.”
“Every wounded heart gets relief from you God, I also need you very much.”

“When a person does not see any way, then he calls God in the end. I have also given you a voice, please listen to me too.”

Top 10 Inspirational Prayers for Strength


This article is part of our prayer resource to inspire and encourage your life as you face uncertain times. If you are wondering how to pray or what to pray, this article can be helpful for you. With its help, you can feel strong and empowered. When you pray, you connect yourself with the divine and this is your biggest prayer, the words spoken for prayer do not matter that much.

We have full hope that by taking inspiration from this article of ours, you will do something new in your life and get yourself out of these difficult times. If you like our article, then share it with your friends and your loved ones.

Thank you.

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