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Johanes Ribli Gorilla Motivation:

The first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word “Qatar” is, of course, the sun, heat and rich sheikhs. But today I would like to talk about workers in Qatar, namely whether it is profitable to go to work in this country and what it is in general.

 Qatar is a relatively small country, famous for its revenues mainly from the sale of oil and gas. Qatar is developing very fast. The country was actually built on a bare city, and now it will host the World Cup.  Jobs for foreigners in Qatar has become so popular since the 2022 World Cup.

And although Qatar’s population is small (about 3 million people), this prevents the country from being one of the leaders in GDP per capita. Due to this, there are almost no unemployed in Qatar. The unemployment rate is just over 1 per cent. The official language in the country is Arabic, but English is spreading very rapidly among the population. As in the case of most Arab countries, the state is trying to attract as many foreigners as possible to close the “gaps” in production “because most of the young able-bodied population is moving to European developed countries.

As a foreigner to get a job in Qatar

In Qatar, most of the local population works in management positions, and the so-called “black” work is performed by foreigners. Most of them are over (over 90%) In order for a foreigner to get a job, you need to first

find an employer who will act as a kind of sponsor for the foreigner
to conclude a labour contract or agreement on the basis of this foreigner is issued a work visa. Upon arrival, the foreigner must provide fingerprints.

 You also need to study the terms of the contract in detail. Special agencies in the country help with this. also a certain nuance is that the first six months of this contract can not change the employer. Surprisingly, it is quite difficult to leave Qatar, because it requires a visa. There are also several types of work visas, including a temporary visa (issued for a period of 1 year), then the foreigner must obtain a travel visa and undergo a medical examination. Posting visa is issued for three years.

It is approved by the Ministry and takes about a month. The working day in Qatar is officially Monday to Thursday, but there is a practice of working overtime among foreigners for higher earnings. To find a job in Qatar, it is not recommended to look for it on your own, usually in prestigious companies, foreigners get a job through international agencies that transfer foreigners to this company. This is a fairly popular practice. The largest number of population and, accordingly, labor is concentrated in the capital, that’s where foreigners go to earn.

Jobs and jobs in Qatar

Currently, the most popular vacancies in Qatar are

IT field
education, etc.

Salary in Qatar for foreigners

The average salary in Qatar is 1000-2000 dollars. For example, a kindergarten teacher earns from $ 1,000 “clean”, a builder $ 1,000-1,500 a month.

IT professionals can claim a salary of $ 4,000 from a fitness trainer from $ 3,000.


High wages.
Possibility to obtain a residence permit on the basis of a long-term work visa.
Opportunity to obtain citizenship in this country.
Opportunity for career growth.
Possibility to extend a work visa without leaving the country.
High prices for housing and food.
High risk of fraud by the employer.
The working week lasts 6 days.
Strict Muslim rules. Even Europeans are not allowed to appear at work or on the street in too revealing clothes. All foreign residents are forced to adhere to Muslim traditions regarding behaviour in public places.
Long trial period. In Qatar, the probationary period can last up to six months.
Hot tropical climate.


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