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Shiv Jayanti, i.e., the birth anniversary of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, is celebrated like a festival across the country. Make this Jayanti a big celebration in Maharashtra. In India, Shiv Jayanti is celebrated on a smaller scale outside Maharashtra. 

According to the Panchag, Falgun Vadya Tritiya Shaka was born on Friday, February 19, 1660, at Shivneri Fort, Pune. This day is Shiv Jayanti or the birthday of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. 

On the occasion of Maharaj Jayanti, let us know information about Shiv Jayanti, when and by whom this festival started.

Who is Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj? 

Official name
Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Jayanti

April 19 February 1630 Shivneri Fort

In 1645, at the age of just 15, Shivaji took possession of the fort by bribing Inayat Khan, the Bijapur general of the Torna Fort. 

At 18, he started creating an independent Maratha state by forming a Maratha army.

The coronation of Shivaji was done in a grand ceremony at Raigad on June 6, 1674. Shivaji was officially called Chhatrapati.

Shivaji’s wife’s name was Saibai.

April 3, 1680, Raigad Fort, Maratha Empire

Why is Shiv Jayanti celebrated? 

It is said that Father of the Nation Jyotiba Phule discovered the tomb of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj in Raigad in 1869 and built the first and longest powder based on the life of the Maharaj. 

In 1870, he organized the first public Shiv Jayanti event in Pune to spread the works of Lord Shiva to the homes of Maharashtra. Since then, Shiv Jayanti has been celebrated with great pomp in Maharashtra. 

Later, Lokmanya Tilak also worked to bring the public together through public programs through Shiv Jayanti. That means that this day also has an important place in India’s freedom struggle. In the twentieth century, Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar also contributed a lot to the work of Shiv Jayanti. 

He was also the president of the Shiv Jayanti program twice. Shiv Jayanti is celebrated with great enthusiasm in every nook and corner of Maharashtra. 

On the occasion of Shivaji Maharaj Jayanti, the formation of Hindavi Swaraj, the history of the Maratha Empire, the work of the Maharaj, and the remote forts of Maharashtra are studied.

Shivaji Jayanti Significance 

Paying homage to Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj for just a day or two on the occasion of Shiv Jayanti is certainly not enough. Maharaj’s work is so great that if everyone in Maharashtra celebrates Shiv Jayanti every day of the year, he should fall short. 

To live life by following the ideals of Lord Shiva is to celebrate true Shiva Jayanti. Just as Shivaji Maharaj spent his life thinking of the welfare of the subjects, sacrificed his life to create Swarajya, followed the rites of Rajmata Jijau, worshiped Bhavani Mata, gave respect to women, just as Ram on Shivraj. Who nurtured Krishna and the characters of the saints in the same way. The upbringing of Shivaraya at home and in the minds of children is the birth anniversary of Shivarai celebrated at home. 

Shivaji Maharaj took the oath of Hindavi Swarajya at the age of sixteen because of his compassion towards the people. If this history is created in the minds of the children of India, then who will fill the spirit of patriotism and devotion in their minds. 

Like Shivaji Raja, you will be confident to do something good in life early. When this day is celebrated in every household in the country, only Shiv Jayanti will be celebrated in the true sense.

Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Quotes

~ If a man has self-power, he can hoist the flag of victory over the whole world with his courage. 


~ Even a virtuous person bows before a brilliant scholar. Because effort also comes from learning.


~ First the nation, then the teacher, then the parents, and then the God. Therefore, the government should first be looked at, not itself.


 ~ No matter how strong the enemy is, he can be defeated even by his intentions and enthusiasm.


~ It is not necessary to learn by making mistakes, and learning from the mistakes of others can also be known. 


~ A successful man can accept the challenge of the proper human race for the culmination of his duty.


~ The feeling of vengeance keeps burning man. Only moderation can be a way to control vengeance. 


~ The person engaged in his work diligently even in his bad times. Time itself turns into good times for him.


~ One should not expect only good days in this life. Because like day and night, good days also have to change. 


~ Every person in this world has the right to be free. And he can fight with anyone to get that right.

The Bottom Line:- 

Shivaji’s birthday is called Shiv Jayanti in Maharashtra. Due to controversy over Shivaji’s birthday, Shiv Jayanti is celebrated in Maharashtra at least twice a year. On that day, a procession is taken out by playing drums, and playing cards and garlands are placed on the idols of Shivaji. The Shiv Jayanti procession consists of more than 100 vehicles and scenes in Mumbai.

There were many riots in Bhiwandi and Malegaon on this day. Ice. In 1970, the Shiv Jayanti procession in Bhiwandi hung in front of the mosque for a long time, leading to a storm of riots. Permission was granted in 1984, and many vehicles were gutted in the riots of that year. Hence vehicles are no longer available to join the procession. A week before each Shiv Jayanti, the slum dwellers of Bhiwandi leave their huts and go to Pargavi.

Who made several films on the life of Shivaji; There was also a television series. Bhaji Pendharkar made some films about Shivaji’s mavis;

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