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Johanes Ribli Gorilla Motivation:

Holiday messages are quotes where people wish happiness and luck to others. Usually, employees use these messages among themselves on any celebration or during holidays, and it shows how much they care about you. Due to this, there is love and harmony among the employees. You can also use them for your fellow employees during various festivals.

When the holiday’s approach, many companies decide to hold holiday parties for employees to celebrate with. In such a situation, it can be quite cordial to send two words of congratulations to those employees.

During the holidays, when people wish happiness or fortune on others, employees prepare to celebrate with their fellow employees and send each other good wishes through words.

In such a situation, the quotes written by us can be useful for your wishes.

Holidays Wishes for Colleagues

“At this very special time, we want to thank you for your dedication to our company. Happy Holidays!”

Holidays Wishes for Colleagues

“We express our gratitude for the work done for the company. We wish you abundance, happiness and peace. Happy Holidays!”

“Best wishes for a happy holiday season and our sincere appreciation for your loyalty throughout the year.”

“Happy Holidays! May you enter a life filled with health, happiness and prosperity.”

“My heartiest congratulations and best wishes to all the employees on the auspicious occasion of this festival. We also have some gifts for you which you will get at the right time.”

“Thanks again for being the best team. Your energy and tenacity have taken our company to new heights, and we greatly appreciate it.”

Holidays Wishes for Colleagues

“Your dedication and hard work proved that everything can be achieved with hard work. May you be happy and keep smiling.”

“Words will fall short if I sit to praise you. You come early from vacation.”

“May God give you the strength to achieve every milestone in life. We are fortunate to have employees like you. Happy holiday.”

“Colleagues like you are rarely found. Wish you a very happy holiday. May you celebrate this holiday with love and joy.”

“May God give you the strength to achieve every milestone in life. We are fortunate to have employees like you. Happy holiday.”

“You have always created a pleasant atmosphere in the company, we will miss you very much. Happy Holidays.”

Wishes For Employees About Holidays

“You’re the reason I get through the season. Happy holidays work chum!”

Best Wishes On Employees On Holidays

“You make my time at the office bearable. Merry Christmas to my favourite colleague.”
“It must be hard to work in the North Pole like Santa Claus does. He doesn’t have you by his side! Have a merry Christmas, work buddy.”
“Merry Christmas! May your bills be small and your joy be large.”

“Merry Christmas! May your eggnog be filled with rum all season long – you deserve it!”

Wishes For Employees About Holidays

“Keep calm and merry on! Here’s to a brilliant Christmas season.”
“Work hard, play hard! We’ve worked hard this year for sure… Now it’s time to celebrate! Happy holidays, teammate.”
“May the calories you consume magically disappear this Christmas! See you next year for another round of fun at work.”
“You are the reason I got through this season! Never stop being the amazing person you are.”
“Christmas is merrier when you’ve got friends to tell jokes to. Thanks for being the person who never fails to make me laugh!”

Alluring Holidays Wishes For Colleagues Boss

“May this Christmas bring you more success, more joy, and more happiness. Merry Christmas and a very happy new year to you!”

Best Alluring Holidays Wishes About Boss

“May this Christmas bring joy and blessings in your life. Merry Christmas, dear colleague.”

“Merry Christmas to my best colleague. I hope you have a wonderful holiday filled with fun, happiness, and joy. Sending my good wishes to you and your family.”

“Have a sweet and safe Christmas holiday. Wishing you a colourful Christmas season. Stay blessed!”

“Wish you a heart-warming and because Christmas to you and your beloved family, dear co-worker. Stay safe, and stay blessed.”

Alluring Holidays Wishes For Colleagues Boss

“May Jesus always guide you and help you in life. Let this Christmas bring good vibes and good news for you and your family. Merry Christmas.”

“May your holidays be filled with love and joy. May you have a great time with your friends and family this Christmas! Sending my best wishes to you!”

“I feel lucky to share the workplace with such an amazing and helpful person like you. Enjoy your holiday. May God always bless you. Merry Christmas!”

“Merry Christmas, my hardworking mates. May this Christmas bring you great success, luck, and happiness. Enjoy your holidays with your family, and happy new year!”

“Dear, May the Christmas season bring more success and achievements in your life. Have a safe and great holiday. Merry Christmas.”

Inspiring Holidays Wishes For Client

“Wishing you a happy and restful holiday season which leads to a prosperous and successful new year.”

Best Holidays Wishes for Colleague, Client

“To our faithful clients, may this festive season give you everything that you’re looking for and more.”

“Wishing you a very happy holiday with plenty of motivation and success in the coming New Year.”

“May the holiday spirit be with you and your loved ones throughout Christmas and the New Year.”

“Colleagues like you are rarely found. Wish you a very happy holiday. May you celebrate this holiday with love and joy.”

“It was simply an honour doing business with you this year! To many more years in the future! Merry Christmas.”

Inspiring Holidays Wishes For Client

“Wishing you the brightest of New Year’s from your good friends.”

“From all of us at (insert company name) to all of you, have a merry Christmas and a happy New Year.”

“Wishing you and your family a happy holiday from your good friends.”

“Thank you for being a loyal and amazing client. Best wishes to you and your family this holiday season.”

“Wishing our favourite customer a merry Christmas and a happy new year. We hope to do much more business with you in the future.”

Holidays Wishes for Colleagues, Boss, Client

“Happy Holidays, I wish you and your entire family a fun-filled holiday season.”

Holidays Wishes for Colleagues, Boss Client

“My thanks to a great man, have a great holiday!”
“Wishing you and your family a happy and safe holiday season!”
“Thank you for making this holiday season one of the most enjoyable ever.”
“Your team’s hard work has been a shining light this holiday season. Sending you my best wishes!”
“May God bless you with infinite wealth, blessings and happiness! Happy Holidays to you and your family.”
“You are not as grumpy as all the bosses, we have learned a lot from you. Happy Holidays Boss.”
“Your suggestions are inspiring for us. Happy Holidays Sir.”
“If we have a partner like you, we can achieve a new position in the market soon, you have always found a solution to every problem. Happy holiday to you.”
“May every day be new. May you learn a lot in life and may these holidays be filled with achievements for you. Happy Holidays.”
“I wish you a happy and peaceful day, wish you a happy holiday.”

“It is difficult to find a boss like you, you have supported me in every difficult time, I cannot thank you enough.”

Best Holidays Wishes for Colleague, Client


The holidays are a time to express warm wishes and gratitude for the days gone by. While holiday messages don’t take much time to write, they are a great way to show you care and bring people closer, whether the recipient is your employee, coworker or boss.

These holidays are like a celebration for the employees, you should live them freely and celebrate this festival with fun and send best wishes to your colleagues for these christmas holidays so that your relationship is strong and you live happily ever after.

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