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If you’re a new business you’ll need to make sure your marketing plan will have the ability to make an impressive first impression, however, with a modest budget. You’ve probably looked at a variety of methods of marketing using social media and, if you’re currently following this blog, you most likely, you’ve considered working with social media influencers.

Read on to discover how this type of marketing is perfect for your new venture.

The advantages of influencer marketing

Influencer marketing isn’t a trend anymore. In the study conducted by Marketing Hub, an Influencer Marketing Hub, results showed that 90 percent of people believe the influencer approach to marketing can be a highly effective type that can be used to market. Companies, from large to small have been benefiting from this for years and we’ve seen an increasing proportion of marketing budgets devoted to these types of campaigns. In particular, companies have seen a remarkable return on investment, and influencer marketing campaigns are relatively low-cost, yet getting great outcomes. This is why here are a few of the most significant benefits your startup could get by working with influencers

1. Improve brand recognition

One of the most significant advantages that influencer marketing offers is that it gives you the opportunity to boost brand recognition. This is usually an aim for startups and influencers can assist to achieve this objective. Through collaboration with a variety of micro and nano influencers, your company’s product or brand will be marketed to various groups in various categories and locations that you prefer.

2. Create more content

The creation of content requires investment in time and effort. Through working with influencers you’ll gain a significant increase in the creation of new content as well as re-sharing of the previously published content. Since it is the profession of an influencer it is common for quality content to be produced and distributed to post on your company’s social media channels.

3. Expand your reach

If you’re not aware that we strongly suggest working with micro and nano influencers for an initial step in your business. This way an even larger audience is accessible by choosing influential individuals from different areas, where the content will be shown to a variety of viewers.

4. Direct your message to your intended public

Before you start your campaign it is crucial that you’ve defined your objectives and identified the target audience for your brand. In this regard, you can look for influencers with an audience that is closely aligned with the target audience of your brand. By doing this, you will be able to reach the people who will likely be attracted to your product.

5. Establish trust and create loyalty

Collaboration with influencers can build trust and brand loyalty. If you choose to have long-term partnerships, your customers will be able to see your brand advertised by their favorite influencers. The trust they place in the influencer will affect how they present your brand after they have gotten familiar with it through the posts of their influential person. 

Ideas for content

You’ve probably come across many different promotions across social platforms and you’re trying to decide which is the best option for your business. Instagram is widely regarded as the main platform for influencers as it has the majority of companies employing Instagram to promote the influencer-based marketing campaign because of its high-quality visuals.

Influencers on Instagram are able to participate in a variety of promotional content concepts like giveaways, unboxings as well as tutorials, reviews, and unboxings just to mention a few. These are the social media channels you could look at for content to post on:

* Posts are the first media format used on Instagram usually utilized for posting visually appealing photos and videos that are displayed on the profile of an influencer for a long time.

* Stories are available 24 hours a day and, generally, a less expensive alternative. They can appear to be an unforced form of advertising, usually employing CTA’s.

* IG Live – generally used to create authentic content. Influencers participate in Q&As as well as live unboxings as well as first impressions.

* IGTV * IGTV – used to create longer-length video content. There are reviews that need in-depth explanations as well as tutorials and demonstrations.

* Reels This is the latest feature of Instagram. This feature is in direct competition with TikTok providing short videos, such as before and after photos as well as quick step-by-step recipes, and more.

With these various media forms, influencers are able to assist in achieving your goals for your business with the kind of content they post. For instance, as an online retailer, you could decide to offer influencers discounts from which they get a portion of the commission. In this way, they are able to publish all kinds of content and then include the discount code within a caption that encourages their followers to make use of the discount code to receive discounts on their purchases. 

Locating influential people

If you’re looking to discover influencers to start your first marketing campaign We suggest that you sign up to Heepsy. An influencer marketing platform is an excellent way to make sure that you’re searching for influencers with an audience that is similar to your brand’s. There are filters that you can utilize to narrow your search, ensuring that you can get your desired target audience.

The next step is to analyze the profiles of influencers to determine their demographics, interests, and metrics of authenticity. This is a vital step to make sure that you’re not advertising to people who are disinterested in your brand or perhaps an untrue audience.

You’ll need to take advantage of the “lists” feature that Heepsy offers. Once you’ve identified some influencers you’re keen to work with you’ll be able to create lists for this campaign so that you can compare their respective metrics. The best part is that you can set up multiple campaigns in place at the same time and keep your information organized all in one spot.

What to watch out for

In analyzing the profiles of influencers there are some crucial points to consider and that’s why it’s so efficient to make use of the influencer marketing platform. A number of people following aren’t the most crucial aspect to consider in this case. Instead, you should be aware of engagement rates and other audience metrics.

For instance, a large engagement rate like you can see below, suggests that followers of the influencer are engaged with their posts due to their interest in what’s being posted. This could lead to higher conversions.

It’s easy to think the influencer you choose to follow is a great match due to their compatibility with your specific target segment. However, this doesn’t suggest that followers follow too. Find out the location of the audience as well as their age, gender, and their interests they have. If an influencer is 21 years old and living in the US may actually be a target audience that is between 35-45 years old and is residing in Spain!


I hope that by the time you get to this point, some of your questions regarding influencer marketing have been addressed. It’s really simple.

However, in order to ensure you’re running the most efficient campaign, you must be aware of your objectives and conduct a lot of research.

There are lots of social media platforms out there, and you should consider whether you want to work with TikTok creators, Instagram influencers, Twitch streamers, or others. The usage of social media is going to grow in the next few years and, with it, the growth of influencer marketing. Therefore, we suggest that you start your first campaign earlier rather than later!



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