Johanes Ribli Gorilla Motivation: How To Choose The Best Metal For Men’s Wedding Bands

Johanes Ribli Gorilla Motivation:

There is a lot of buzz surrounding wedding bands for men but you may not notice a similar craze when choosing the metal for the band. Remember that the wedding ring is for a lifetime and the everyday activities put a fair amount of strain on the ring. Therefore, paying heed to the hardness and durability of the metal must be on the priority list of buyers. 

Are you in two minds about the metal to choose for men’s wedding bands? What is your focus when buying wedding bands? Do you want to customize or resize the ring or would you prefer hardness and scratch-resistant metals? The following points highlight the criteria for choosing wedding bands for men and help you make a suitable choice.

Most men wear wedding bands forever, so a non-durable metal is not equipped to deal with chipping, scratches, or breakage.
When considering the durability, you need to focus on hardness, which resists scratches and toughness that refers to its resistance to chipping.
Maintenance of the wedding band is another factor to consider and it is associated with durability. 
Most metals require average maintenance such as cleaning but many need polishing and re-plating several times.
The appearance of the metal depends on its luster and color.
You can select from white, gold, gray, black, and rose gold when selecting men’s wedding rings.
The cost of buying the metal wedding band is a factor determining your choice to a great extent.
A few metals function better than others and can be made into beautiful designs with stylistic features and engravings and the rest may not be fit for customization.

Resizing The Metal

If your preference is resizing the metala, you can select gold. Often, the shape and weight of the body changes more frequently and debars a person from wearing a ring of the same size for several years. For men with swelling and shrinking fingers, gold wedding bands are suitable as they can be resized with ease.

The Expense of the Metal

When it comes to the value of metals, gold and platinum are two of the most expensive options. As far as the value of metals is considered chronologically, gold is the most expensive option followed by tungsten, ceramic, and cobalt at medium ranges, and titanium being the least expensive option. 

Exploring the Features

Tungsten is several times harder than titanium and more scratch-resistant than any other metal. If you need a comfortable ring that can resist scratches effectively, tungsten is the best bet.

However, it cannot be resized and may be brittle. Ceramic comes close to tungsten as far as hardness is concerned. It is scratch-resistant and available in several colors but the styles may be more limited as ceramic is a relatively newer material in the industry. Titanium is another material that to choose when hardness is the priority. It is affordable and does not tarnish. 

There are several options to choose when selecting the strongest metal for men’s wedding bands. Each groom has a unique set of preferences when choosing wedding bands. You can check the variety of collections at and decide which and to buy for toughness and strength that lasts a lifetime.


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