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Johanes Ribli Gorilla Motivation:

January is not the usual time for a vacation. In fact, it is the aftermath of all the holidaying and vacationing that has been done during the festive season. People’s finances have dwindled as they used a lot of money during the festivities. Schools and people’s jobs are getting back on schedule too.

This makes it the opportune moment to go for a vacation; popular vacation spots are not so crowded anymore. You can now get to enjoy them in relative peace and comfort. The January weather is also mild and perfect for vacationing. This article is a guide on how to prepare for and fully enjoy a vacation in January.

Leave Your Home Secure

Vacations are only temporary, our homes are our cornerstones. The place where we feel most at ease and thus we should not hurriedly rush to a vacation spot without considering the safety of our home. Ensure that your house is a fortress before getting on the plane; the following are measures you can take to implement this.

Install a state-of-the-art security system, this should be done by a renowned security company. A security alarm system that only you and a few trusted ones know the passcode. Get motion sensors and CCTV cameras that cover your whole compound. All of this should be connected to your personal device so that you are aware of the situation at home, even when you are far away. Also, Install a burglary safe to keep your valuables secure.

Plan The Vacation Early

Book a flight or any other means of transport to the vacation spot beforehand. Also, prepare an exhaustive packing list of items that will ensure your vacation goes without a hitch. Your packing list should be dependent on the vacation destination. For a trip to Aspen, pack ski jackets, scarfs, cardigans, woolen socks, and other cool-weather apparel.

 A beach vacation on the other hand will require some pairs of bikinis, vests, and shorts, and most importantly some sunscreen. Get the services of a travel or tour consultancy to know the ideal places to visit or the affordable hotel and any other information there is to know about the intended vacation spot.

Budget Well For The Vacation

A vacation is an occasional activity that we get to indulge in a few times of the year. We are getting a well-deserved rest after working hard. We can also define a vacation as a time to enjoy the fruits of our labor. But while indulging let’s not forget that there are life after a vacation, bills to be paid and mouths to be fed for those who have dependents.

With this in mind, draw a budget for the vacation and the expenses that come right after it ends. This will help rein in your expensive urges, do not hire an expensive yacht, get an affordable boat ride instead. Book a comfortable cottage rather than spending your money on an expensive suite in a 5-star hotel. Budgeting will not affect your vacation as you will still experience the splendors of that destination.

Leave All Work At Home

A vacation is a break from your normal day-to-day activities. It is the time you take to unwind and relax, to be able to do this you need to leave your work at home. So while packing for that January vacation, do not include your work computer or portfolio. This may be hard for many of us as we are workaholics and many of us keep thinking of how we can make the next coin.

On a vacation, you’re supposed to lounge comfortably on a deck chair made by the best plastic chair manufacturing company and soak in the sun. It is advisable to leave most of your electronics at home as they will surely end up consuming most of your time. 

Register For Activities

Vacationing is not all about laying in the sand and sunbathing; there is a wide range of activities that you could participate in. Skiing, jet skiing, bungee jumping, parasailing, snorkeling, and paragliding are some of them. There is bound to be at least one activity among these that your vacation spot offers. Register for these activities beforehand in order to get the full vacation experience.

Book a ticket for one of those crazy neon-lit concerts that use 3528 led specs, where you will dance, sashay, and let loose all your frustrations. Due to unplanned emergencies or scheduling hiccups, ensure that you register and pay for these activities before going on the actual vacation.


Though many may view it as a strange time to go for a vacation, vacationing in January pros heavily outweigh the cons. Less crowded destinations mean you get to enjoy the experience even more. As stated above is how you can plan for a smooth January vacation.

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