Johanes Ribli Gorilla Motivation: How To Present An App Idea To A Developer?

Johanes Ribli Gorilla Motivation:

A mobile app development project is only as effective as the work that goes into it. In general, that’s going to mean teamwork, and teamwork is based on effective communication. With that in mind, here is some guidance on how to present an app idea to a developer.

Start with an MVP Plan

MVP stands for “minimum viable product”.  As the name suggests, the MVP Plan details the features which must be in place for your app to function as intended.  It’s essentially the foundation on which value-added features will be built.

The key to creating an effective MVP plan is to define your target audience and explain how you envisage them interacting with your app.  This helps a mobile app developer understand the intent behind your mobile app development project.

Set out a roadmap for your app

An MVP plan sets out your destination. A roadmap sets out your plan for getting there. In a mobile app development project, a roadmap will usually be a combination of flowcharts and screen mock-ups.

The flowcharts will be used to show how users will chart a route through your app’s functions. That path needs to be a clear one.  Users should never find themselves hitting blocks (even if there are ways to get around them), being forced to take circuitous routes, or just hitting dead ends.  

Any time a process is completed, the user must be guided as to what they do next. This would typically mean returning to a previous stage or exiting the app. It’s far easier, quicker, and more effective, to plot this out in flow charts than to try to figure it out during the coding process.

Screen mock-ups can be used to show what inputs are needed at what stage. The inputs might determine what path the user follows.  For example, in an app used to sell clothes, the size details a user enters might influence what items they are shown.

Write your user stories

Your user stories build on the foundations set down by your MVP. They are narratives told from the perspective of the user. As such, they do more than just charting what steps a user will take to get them through the app. They look at why users make certain decisions.  In particular, they aim to establish what motivates users and what makes them happy.

Create a full visual mockup

A full visual mockup is essentially a blueprint from your mobile app development project. It communicates exactly what the app does and how it should look and feel at each stage.  A great visual mockup will communicate branding without compromising on accessibility.  For example, it will ensure that text is shown in a clear font at an appropriate size and with suitable contrast.

Have a meeting with your developer

Thanks to all the work you have put in so far, your app idea is probably about 80% ready. A meeting with your developer can push that last step along the way. This meeting is your opportunity to get professional feedback on your plans in the light of your goals, feedback, and budget.

It’s highly unlikely that you’ll need to go back to step one. You may, however, need, or just want, to fine-tune your plans slightly before you move into full development.


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