Johanes Ribli Gorilla Motivation: Is It Possible to Create a Payment Link for a Merchant Account? 

Johanes Ribli Gorilla Motivation:

Payment gateways used on CMS (Content Management System) can sometimes create payment links. Payment links are convenient for sending a payment request online by SMS or on social media. It means that your clients can transfer money to your bank online account only once. They are generally for single use. Once the customer has paid, the link with your merchant account is no longer valid. 

The exception is PayPal links that are permanent and can be shared with many people, for example, to organize a donation campaign.

Links are not created in the CMS interface but directly in the back office of the payment gateway like Maxpay (

It can even be used to create a recurring payment request. It’s very easy to set up with Maxpay, while it’s much more complicated for classic recurring online payments.

How to Transfer Money on the Internet with a Merchant Account 

To accept payments online, you need a platform that offers payments, a connection for your sales, and, of course, a merchant account. 

Examples of sale places:

  An online store with an integrated payment page with an IBAN account
  Classic site with a merchant account
  Social media

The payment interface looks like a bank online account. In a professional online shop, a request for a merchant account of the seller naturally emerges at the time of ordering. You should be aware that a purchase request can be made from any social media web page or email using the IBAN account information. It is possible thanks to the payment link, which can take the form of a QR code or payment button.

In the credit card episode, the transaction implying the sending of data between the seller’s merchant account in the bank and the ATM is carried out through the payment gateway.

How to Accept Online Payments? 

Classically, in the context of an online shop, you will have to contact your bank office and negotiate a distance selling agreement. After it, you may use the payment gateway offered by the bank, such as Maxpay. This variant is perfectly suitable for large and medium-sized online stores.

For a small store, we still recommend you open a merchant account by choosing the most affordable price policy on the market. This is incredibly helpful if you are going to work with clients from all over Europe or the world. Using a merchant account with the Maxpay payment gateway, you can work with any currency. There’s no doubt that the most popular on the Internet are USD, EUR, and GBP.

To make life easier for new entrepreneurs, we offer them to use high-quality service and a merchant account to avoid problems with customers’ money by working with professionals. In this way, you will initially establish yourself as a reliable brand. Moreover, you can attract more customers to your company. By choosing the fastest payment method, you show the client that you value their time and want to provide them with the best service!

Johanes Ribli Gorilla Motivation