Johanes Ribli Gorilla Motivation: Is it Worth Buying Man-Made Diamonds?

Johanes Ribli Gorilla Motivation:

Throughout the years, scientists have tried to replicate a real diamond, thus the lab-created diamond being birthed. They have a pretty similar component to a real diamond, having been mostly made out of compressed carbon dioxide but they are being sold in the market for cheaper compared to a naturally-mined diamond that came from the ground. To know more about diamonds visit wholesale engagement rings for sale in Dallas. Can you sell man-made diamonds? Do man-made diamonds hold their value? Is it worth buying man-made diamonds?

Do Lab-created diamonds have resale value?

Laboratory-created diamonds do not retain any of their value so if you are planning on selling your diamond back to a jeweler, it would basically be worth nothing, unlike real mined diamonds where you would be able to sell it right back and maybe get back at least half of how much you sold it. 

Can you sell man-made diamonds?

Since they have no resale value, you would not be able to resell them. So if you are planning on reselling diamonds and using them as a kind of investment, the best type of diamond to use are the naturally mined diamonds so that you could get a bit more money compared to reselling lab-created diamonds.

Can you tell the difference between lab-created diamonds and real diamonds?

You wouldn’t really notice the difference between lab-created diamonds and real diamonds especially if you are a person who knows nothing about the mineral. Even some jewelers who do not have the right equipment won’t know the difference between the two. 

Lab diamonds vs Real diamonds Cost

Lab-created diamonds and real diamonds are mostly impacted by the same thing, but their price ranges are completely different since they tend to sell lab diamonds cheaper compared to mined diamonds. Before we discuss the price, here are some of the factors that affect the price of selling both of them:


When it comes to the price itself, the certificate does not necessarily affect the price itself, but it does show you that what you are paying for is correct when it comes to the diamond that you are purchasing. You could get both your lab diamond and a real diamond certified to make sure that you are getting your money’s worth.


The cut of a diamond is usually the one that affects how your diamond would look, adding the most to the beauty of the mineral. They are also part of the grading of the diamond, and if you want to have a diamond with an amazing and smooth cut, you could get the diamond that is graded “Very Good” and “Good.”


The scale of the color of both diamond types are ranging from A-Z, buy lab-created diamonds are usually graded starting from D and ending to Z. The A to D scale is practically the diamonds that are colorless and as the grade progresses, you would notice some color here and there until you get to Z where you would be able to see a lot of yellow and brown on the stone. If you are looking for a more expensive diamond, you could start with the A grade diamond, but the color of the stone is not necessarily that noticeable so you could always stock with the G to J range if you are saving money because you would not notice the tint of color on them, even if you are squinting.


When it comes to both diamonds, the most popular shape would have to be the round brilliant, since it is the diamond and the cut that sparkles the most, and who doesn’t love sparkles? Coming in the clutch are the Asscher and Oval cuts, also falling in line as the next most expensive when it comes to the price and popularity.

Carat weight

This is something that people usually see when they are buying a diamond because if you want a stone that is heavier, you go up a few carats, but it would definitely cost you more.


Clarity refers to how clean the diamond is, having no physical blemishes and little-to-no inclusions. The cleaner the diamond is, the more expensive it gets, and they are graded as well. The best kind of grade you could get if you are saving is VS1 and VS2 since you won’t really notice the blemishes on it using your naked eye.

When it comes to the price range between the two, you would notice that there could be about a 45 percent difference, the lab-created diamonds being much cheaper compared to naturally-mined diamonds.

Johanes Ribli Gorilla Motivation