Johanes Ribli Gorilla Motivation: Jay Shetty Quotes on Life Lessons That Will Motivate Yourself

Johanes Ribli Gorilla Motivation:

“Everyone has a different clock, so wait for your time” Indeed, this line gives you full energy and positivity who is working for their lives to make a successful human in the world. Do you know this guy who made wisdom go viral?

People are digging on the internet to know this guy whose electrifying wisdom has made him viral. This guy is calm, and always ready to share his wisdom breathless. This magnetic personality is JAY SHETTY, who is known for his unique wisdom. Jay Shetty Quotes is inspiring millions of people around the world today.

Who is Jay Shetty?

Jay is a motivational speaker, Vlogger, storyteller, and a former monk who believes that changing the world begins with us. He was born in London on September 7th, 1987 to an Indian and British parent. Jay was a shy and introverted person from his childhood. He finished his study at CASS BUSINESS SCHOOl and graduated in behavioral science and his background in the finance domain.

When he was 15 years old his two best friend’s tragic death has made him confused and pulled to find the deeper meaning of what a blessing life is. He was restless and always trying to find the meaning of life and success. Then he moved to India at the age of 18 to understand the invisible process of nature. And he became a monk.

He lived the life of a monk for the next three years in India, where he learned many things from various gurus and read many books of Hinduism. After hard work, his unconscious mind has woken up and now seeing the world in a different way which is not possible for a majority of persons on the earth.

After 3 years of Monk’s journey, he decided to return to his parent’s home without single money. But he was returning with tons of invisible wisdom which led the world behind him. Some of his friends have invited him to come to his organization for his wisdom speech and he showed his positive strength. Then he was invited by a world-leading company like GOOGLE, Facebook, BBC, etc for craft and amplify their messages to his employee, and he created much viral content for social media.

Nowadays, He is busy with many projects. He starts his day from 4 AM and meditate for 3-4 hrs every day and living the life to motivate others by his wonderful goal.

Jay Shetty has awarded by ITV Asian Media, received the third Guardian Rising Star Award in the year of 2015 and 2016. he was named in the Forbes 30 Under 30. He hosted HuffPost’s live show on Facebook which famous with #FollowTheReader and he hosted many notable people. You can see below on youtube.

See below his some of the Jay Shetty Quotes and Thought Words where you will find the meaning of life and success.

Jay Shetty Quotes

1. Everyone has a different clock. Wait for your time. — Jay Shetty

2. Be Yourself Quotes:- The best people to surround yourself with are the people that bring out the best in you. — Jay Shetty

3. So many people are together but not in Love. So many people are in Love but not together. — Jay Shetty

4. When you’re good at something, you’ll tell everyone when you’re great at something, they’ll tell you. — Jay Shetty

5. Never blame anyone if you got hurt by them because it was not their fault it was you who gave them the right to tear you apart. — Jay Shetty

6. Don’t let the world change your smile, Use your smile to change the world. — Jay Shetty[/pullquote]

7. The Challenge is we ignore the ones who support us, Support the ones who ignore us. Love the ones who hurt us and hurt the ones who love us. — Jay Shetty

8. You Don’t know what you need in your life until you figure out who you are. — Jay Shetty

9. The days you don’t want to are the days you really have to if you want to reach your goal.  — Jay Shetty

10. Live as if you were to die tomorrow learn as if you were to live forever. — Jay Shetty

11. The biggest room in the world is the room for self-improvement. — Jay Shetty

12. The best lesson I have learned in life came from the worst feeling I ever felt in life. — Jay Shetty

13. Stay around people who look more like your future than your past. — Jay Shetty

14. Your new life will cost you your old one. Remember it will be completely worth it. — Jay Shetty

15. No matter how rich, talented or educated you to think you are, how you treat people says everything about you. — Jay Shetty[/pullquote]

16. Turn your cant’s into cans and your dreams into plans. — Jay Shetty

17. When you learn a little, you feel you know a lot. but when you learn a lot, you realize you know very little. — Jay Shetty

18. When you want to ‘put somebody in their place’, put yourself in their place first. — Jay Shetty

19. We put time limits on what we love, but we do what we don’t love for the all of the time. — Jay Shetty

20. We are meant to love people and use things ut today we use people and love things— Jay Shetty

21. Your identity should be made by what you think you should be. — Jay Shetty

22. People who care will ask you how you’re doing, People who love will wait until you tell the truth. — Jay Shetty

23. We need to learn to accept apologies that we never received. — Jay Shetty

24. When your focus is a success, and you don’t get your break, it will break you. When your focus is service you’ll never need a break because there are so many opportunities. — Jay Shetty

25. Remember every cloud eventually run out of the rain. What you’re experiencing now is just a season, not the overall climate. — Jay Shetty

26. Don’t depend too much on anyone in this world. Even your shadow leaves you when you’re in darkness. — Jay Shetty

27. Canceling plans to read is ok. Skipping a party for the gym is ok. Staying home to cook is ok. Let’s encourage it and respect self-improvement. — Jay Shetty

28. Everything makes sense, even if you can’t make sense of it right now. Don’t judge the moment. — Jay Shetty

29. Don’t carry your mistakes around with you. Instead, place them under your feet and use them as stepping stones. — Jay Shetty

30. Some people love you but don’t tell you, Some people tell you but don’t love you. — Jay Shetty

31. The slowest road to success is when you’re comparing yourself to others.  — Jay Shetty

32. Being happy for someone else’s success makes you happier. Go try it and stop being salty. — Jay Shetty

33. You’re not going to master the rest of your life in one day. Don’t stress. Master the day. Make this a daily reminder. — Jay Shetty

34. A best friend is someone who loves you when you forget to love yourself. — Jay Shetty

35. The Challenge we have is that we only talk about people’s failures when they succeed. We feel like their failures never happened. We need to share these stories earlier. — Jay Shetty

36. At you best, you still won’t be good enough for the wrong person. At Your worst, you’ll still be worth it to the right person. — Jay Shetty

37. The more you try and keep up with others’ opinions, the more you’ll fall behind. — Jay Shetty

38. The challenge is we all want to be with someone who makes us happy when what we need to do is be someone who makes us happy. — Jay Shetty

10 Life Lessons From Jay Shetty

#1. Your new life will cost you your old one.

#2. Don’t judge your life in a day.

#3. Don’t let people who do so little for you, define so much of you.

#4. You don’t have to have it all figured out to move forward.

#5. We are defined by the stories we tell ourselves.

#6. The best lessons come from the worst moments.

#7. Love doesn’t hurt. People who don’t know how to love, hurt.

#8. It’s ok to outgrow people who aren’t growing.

#9. What a strange life. We trade out days for things.

#10. Remember, growing always feels like breaking at first.

I’m not what I think I am
I’m not what you think I am
I am what I think you think I am — Jay Shetty

Summing Up:-

Jay Shetty’s speech and Jay Shetty Quote are very powerful which motivates the young generation toward success and for colorful & adventurous life. Jay Shetty Quotes Images will give positive energy, just keep following and practicing it to be a success in life.

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