Johanes Ribli Gorilla Motivation: Management And Marketing Tips For Succesful Businesses

Johanes Ribli Gorilla Motivation:

The world is growing at an accelerating rate. It isn’t easy to stand out in this saturated mess. How do you do it? How much money does it take? When should you do it? These are the questions that we can answer for you! Sit tight and get ready for some useful insight. It could be just what your business needs. 


You can’t have your business be in shambles internally. You need to be in control of things! You should know what goes on and what doesn’t. You need to be the shot caller but a shot observer. Keeping check and balance in the organization brings unanimity and calmness. It helps everyone focus on the work at hand. 

Your aim and mission should be aligned as to their importance. You need to put alarming numbers upfront and not-so-relevant ones in the back. Working on stuff that’s broken is the key. You’ve heard of the “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”? It is exactly that. Your objective needs to be clearly defined and aptly put. 

Everyone should have access to them and they need to be updated. Each passing day poses a new threat! Your core aim may not need changing but the micro goals which need changing— Are a must. You must also build a welcoming culture in your firm. Building a healthy competitive environment, if we may! 


Another part of management lies in the appraisal. It can be both in the form of seeing how well the business performed— Or how well an employee performed. Budgets are great in this way as they do both. Micro budgets, allotted to each person can show their performance… While all of them combined show the business as a whole. 

An in-depth analysis may be required from the finance department to count for inflation and such. Changing demands and more importantly— Seasons! People shop for different items differently according to the weather. Clothes are a prime example of this. Businesses engaged in this field may benefit from this quite well. 

Sudden economic and social changes can reflect themselves in the reports as well. Taking the example of the Covid-19 pandemic shows us so much. The whole analysis should and must incorporate these elements into the equation. It is only then, that you can be sure of the results. 

Human Resources 

Remuneration packages need to be pleasant and well adjusted for inflation. Paying less than what is required from the law can result in lawsuits— Additional expenses for the business. Bad word-of-mouth marketing can ruin the business’s image. You need to be careful about this. 

Moreover, paying your employees well can mean so many things. Better efficiency and performance may be retained from them. Since the reward of money is the biggest motivator— Generally at least. You’d be surprised to see how a loyal workforce can change your status in the market. 

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Another thing to be honest about is transparency. Being honest with your workforce. It is only then that you can expect the same from them. It works both ways, doesn’t it? delegation of power and authority may be used as well. They provide for an optimal source of motivation as well. It could be their need even— In some cases of course. 


This task can be expensive and confusing to perform. It doesn’t just revolve around advertising and promotion. It can be updating your existing product— Building a new product portfolio. Freshening older products to induce sales so the business can progress… There are so many complications in the branch. 

How do you do it? We’re here to assist you in your endeavors. All of this can be done through BCG analysis. The growth-share analysis, as it is known by. It can be done by plotting what product serves what rule in the market. These products, in your portfolio, would then require relevant funding. 

The cash cows will need milking and you’ll need to harvest as much profit as you can. Before they reach their dog phase! Star products should receive the necessary finances to stay on top. Hence marketing should focus on their presence etc. Your business can get a lot from this! 


Sometimes, you could get joint marketing. This can be done by collaborating with other successful brands. Moreover, if your sources are good— You can benefit from their influence as well. So are you a mold-based manufacturer? Look no further than our partner, Immould! They are an injection molding manufacturer. Well established in the market as a leader. 

This sort of marketing can also be done by sourcing special materials. E.g sustainably sourced items may be better marketed within a niche. Hence putting a sticker for sustainability on your packaging can do wonders. Two birds with one stone. 


This concludes our guide for a prosperous business. Now starts your journey! We hope that you’ve learned great things from this article. May you succeed in your ventures and lead a successful business. These tips are sure to give you an edge no matter where you stand. So then, good luck!

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Johanes Ribli Gorilla Motivation