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Budget 2022 Quote – Nirmala Sitharaman

“Existing schemes will be converged for ‘Vibrant Villages Program’ for the overall development of villages:” Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman

Nirmala Sitharaman Quotes

“An appointment like this provides motivation to every woman in this country to aim high.” — Nirmala Sitharaman

“WTO is the only multilateral system in which developed and developing countries sit together at par.” — Nirmala Sitharaman

“From the beginning of this century, for a decade as chief minister of Gujarat and for just over four years as India’s PM, Modi has made an indelible mark in the annals of our history.” — Nirmala Sitharaman

“The language of any joint statement between two countries is mulled over many times before it becomes final.” — Nirmala Sitharaman

“The BJP does not intend to use Parliament to project Congress’s corruption.” — Nirmala Sitharaman

“I will be the defence minister round-the-clock.” — Nirmala Sitharaman

“A border is a border. I have to be conscious of both my borders. I will also have be conscious of my sea. It is less talked about.” — Nirmala Sitharaman

“DRDO should introspect to make themselves more nimble towards innovation.” — Nirmala Sitharaman

“We are a party that believes that we work in the national interest, not just to please my opposition.” — Nirmala Sitharaman

Nirmala Sitharaman Budget Quotes

“We should be proud of the soldiers who laid down their lives for our motherland. We should be proud of them.” — Nirmala Sitharaman

“Post globalization, the debate has been, ‘How much more are we going to liberalize.” — Nirmala Sitharaman

“We want our exports to perform better. We want more exports. We want to reach out to more countries selling our products, and for that, a weaker rupee will be anytime better.” — Nirmala Sitharaman

“In a multi-party democracy, many issues which you want – or do not want – will be raised. It is for us to make it relevant or not so relevant with our answers.” — Nirmala Sitharaman

“It will be a priority for me to ensure the smooth and speedy implementation of defence deals and projects.” — Nirmala Sitharaman

“The government doesn’t go about refuting everything that floats around.” — Nirmala Sitharaman

Nirmala Sitharaman Quotes About Indian Economy

“Our manufacturing in India has grown with a lot of indigenous strength.” — Nirmala Sitharaman

“France has been maintaining a very special relationship with India on defence matters.” — Nirmala Sitharaman

“The narrative related to economics is, I think, very well understood even by the common man.” — Nirmala Sitharaman

“A new procurement policy had to be brought in 2016. Subsequent to it, procurement has gone up rapidly.” — Nirmala Sitharaman

Nirmala Sitharaman Quotes Thiruvalluvar

“We look at gold from the view of the Indian market, which loves to buy more and more gold.” — Nirmala Sitharaman

“Nobody has a right to call me or the prime minister a thief and a liar.” — Nirmala Sitharaman

“The language of any joint statement between two countries is mulled over many times before it becomes final.” — Nirmala Sitharaman

“There is something different between defence deal and deal in defence.” — Nirmala Sitharaman

“Delhi was not completely a new place for me, but as a political worker, it was a new place.” — Nirmala Sitharaman

“There are several areas where the border is not completely defined and demarcated.” — Nirmala Sitharaman

Nirmala Sitharaman Quotes & Sayings About Budget

“For a country like India, which, unlike China, has a domestic market for which manufacturing happens, manufacturing also happens for export.” — Nirmala Sitharaman

“The strategy of any party would be to see how best it can defeat the party in power.” — Nirmala Sitharaman

“Issues related to investor-state disputes are a matter of serious concern. It is something which we have to apply our minds to.” — Nirmala Sitharaman

“In defence, ‘Make in India‘ is happening in a big way, and it is not happening without orders coming from the ministry.” — Nirmala Sitharaman

“Most of the expressions we use in economics are relative terms. All of us are votaries of free trade.” — Nirmala Sitharaman

Nirmala Sitharaman Quotes On Upcoming Budget

“It’s one thing to get the money apportioned in the budget; the other is to utilize it completely.” — Nirmala Sitharaman

“It’s only under Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s leadership that the country can foresee a bright future.” — Nirmala Sitharaman

“Unlike some of our neighbours, India does not believe in dirty bombs. We take non-proliferation very seriously.” — Nirmala Sitharaman

“You can’t hold the armed forces responsible for being firm with terrorists. We need to be firm with terrorists.” — Nirmala Sitharaman

“Free trade agreements are never for one sector alone.” — Nirmala Sitharaman


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