Johanes Ribli Gorilla Motivation: Skincare 101: Debunking 5 Most Common Sunscreen Cream Myths!

Johanes Ribli Gorilla Motivation:

With scorching temperatures creating waves across the country, many people are concerned about their skin health, especially those who stay out during peak hours. While it is important to go for extras in skincare, sunscreen cream is what you always adhere to if you wish to protect your skin from dangerous UV rays. 

Before we head to the facts, let’s know why sunscreen cream is irreplaceable in skincare. To get acquainted with the crucial role of sunscreen, it is important to know the possible damages UV rays can cause. This blog post is all about it.

What Damages Can UV Rays Cause? 

It is a universal fact that the sun emits hazardous rays that can adversely affect our skin. Apart from the sun’s rays, there are a few more lights like mercury vapor lamps, halogen lights, fluorescent, tanning beds, incandescent light source, etc. Prolonged exposure to these lights is hazardous to humans.

It can result in premature aging, age spots, leathery skin, pigmentation, wrinkles, and many other skin conditions. Even 15 minutes of sun exposure can lead to severe damage to the skin and overall health. Sunscreen is designed to create a shield in the skin to protect from these damages, granting optimum skin protection from hazardous sun rays. 

Ideally, UV radiations are absorbed by the ozone layer, water vapor, and carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, and they reach us from the sunlight. Thus, protecting ourselves from these unkind radiations is the only way we can back up our skin health.

The human eye neither sees the presence of UV radiation nor do they feel the heat. You can only notice these rays by noticing your declining health. Hence, using sunscreen is non-negotiable in skincare. 

Debunking The Myths! 

Myth: Sunscreen isn’t Required In Rainy Or Winter Seasons

The rampant myth among people is that sunscreen isn’t needed when it is cloudy or during the winter season. People think that temperature decides the intensity of UV rays, but in reality, UV rays persist in the environment more prominently than any other thing. Regardless of the weather or climate conditions, sunscreen holds the utmost place in skincare, without which you can never come closer to your skincare goal. UV rays in the environment don’t depend on the temperature, but it is invincibly active in every weather condition. 

However, when the UV index is high in sunny weather, it is important to take additional precautions on sunny weather. So, whatever beauty routine you have curated for yourself, adhere to the SPF to keep all the beauty activities running smoothly.

Myth: You don’t need separate sunscreen if your makeup has SPF

Many ladies have this tendency to skip sunscreen cream as they believe the SPF in their makeup will suffice the protection factor. Makeup in the sunscreen is a great way to treat your skin, but that SPF number won’t do much if you haven’t applied the sunscreen separately. Therefore, it is important to be diligent about your daily skincare ritual, which should be obeyed even if you have to put heavy makeup on. 

Tip: If you long for a dewy base, look for the best cream for face glow, and do not forget to layer it with a nicely designed sunscreen. 

If your makeup has a 15 SPF number and your sun protectant cream has the same number, it doesn’t sum up to SPF 30 but is 15 only. So, SPF in makeup may be a bonus, but it is never sufficient if you don’t have the ideally formulated sunscreen. 

Myth: Sunscreen doesn’t need to be reapplied. 

Using a sunscreen cream works best only when you use it regularly. Even when you are indoors or stepping outside in the cloudy weather, your skin needs its protection to provide you with the required protection. 

However, reapplying is even more critical when outdoors or engaging in activities like working out, swimming, etc. Dermatologists and beauty experts suggest reapplying your sunscreen every 2 hours to protect your skin from UV rays.

Myth: Sunscreen blocks the ideal dose of vitamin D to be absorbed in the body

Most people believe that sunscreen cream blocks Vitamin D. Even when you apply and reapply sunscreen, your body will still get vitamin D. Yes, this is the explanation you have been waiting for! 

Note: You only need a small amount of sun exposure to get the required amount of Vitamin D. You should keep an eye on protection rather than absorbing harmful radiation. If you are still worried about your Vitamin D intake, you should talk to your doctor and take supplements.

Myth: Higher SPF works well than the lower SPF number. 

People usually don’t understand the concept of Sun Protection Filter (or SPF) and what role it plays in the formulation of sunscreen cream. It’s good you have bought maximum sunscreen with the highest SPF number, but is it worth it? Yes, of course, it gives your protection for the longest hours, but sunscreen with 30+ SPF numbers can provide the maximum protection that your skin truly needs. 

So, the SPF number is associated with the longevity of the protection it gives. So, if you buy sunscreen cream with the highest level of SPF, thinking it would protect you from the sun more prominently and don’t need to reapply, you might be doing it all wrong.


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