Johanes Ribli Gorilla Motivation: What is a VoIP phone number and how to get it?

Johanes Ribli Gorilla Motivation:

Nowadays more and more people try to expand business worldwide and protect personal data on multiple platforms. HotTelecom helps to achieve this by providing a virtual phone number on the website HotTelecom virtual phone number provides easy multi-channel communication for offices and advanced protection of personal data for Google and Microsoft accounts, social networks like Instagram, Facebook, Telegram, WhatsApp, and online platforms like WebMoney and Paypal. The main features are bargain prices and the absence of necessity to buy a second phone number.

VoIP phone number will benefit your business

A virtual phone number is helpful for everybody who needs to create several accounts in social networks, receives faxes and SMS messages, etc. Business especially gets most benefits of it as if the office is often moved to different places or even countries it is better and easier to use IP telephony instead of changing phone number for each region. The company provides IP connections in over 90 countries covering even some exotic regions. Also, virtual telephony helps in case the client calls must be answered outside the working hours or office.

Best services for VoIP phone number

HotTelecom provides virtual numbers for a range of online services. The most beneficial platforms for buying virtual numbers are Microsoft and Google as you can create several accounts without using a real phone number. There is also no need to buy a second SIM card for social networks and online messengers.

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For example, a virtual number gives the best opportunities for Telegram and WhatsApp, online payment systems like WebMoney and Paypal, allowing to create multiple profiles without showing own phone number. Buying a virtual number for Instagram or Facebook allows creating more profiles for business promotion. Virtual number for Uber protects confidentiality by hiding own phone number both of the passenger and driver. To conclude, the benefits mentioned above are by far not the only ones as virtual telephony gives a wider range of opportunities for each social network and platform. Thus, it helps to simplify the everyday life of every person around the world.

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Johanes Ribli Gorilla Motivation