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Johanes Ribli Gorilla Motivation:

Hip hop has always been culturally defining. Even though the mainstream prominence of hip hop is more recent, this genre of music is established as one of the top-selling genres in the world. Huge artists like JAY-Z, Eminem, Kanye West, and others have helped to bring this genre into the forefront of not just the mainstream, but culture itself. 

With a global fandom, this unique style of art has captivated the hearts of millions and continues to inspire people. One of the most impressive things that hip hop has done is spread and simultaneously create culture. One aspect of culture that hip hop has greatly impacted is the area of male jewelry. 

Overall, hip hop has been deeply influential in so many important and significant areas of American culture. This article won’t even attempt to scratch the surface of the far-reaching extent of this influence on all aspects of society, however, it has also challenged the perception of what a successful man could look like. 

Jewelry for Men

If there are two things that most people don’t often think go together, at least in normative American culture, it would be jewelry and men. If a man does wear jewelry, it would be something that is expected to be subtle, non-descript, and even hard to notice. While this has never been the case for certain famous pop, rock, or even literary figures who have impacted cultural society, it was not normal for the majority.

That is, until hip hop. Hip hop embraces a flamboyant, male expression of jewelry that denotes power, authority, and strength in a way that few other cultures do. This flagrant, beautiful, and stylish method of showing status is something that hip-hop artists have done for decades and continue to do. 

The truth is, men, want jewelry that makes sense to them, and often times male hip hop artists exhibit masculine, flashy jewelry. This has helped set the stage for men to be able to express themselves in this important and valid way. 

What do Rappers Wear?

When it comes to trying to define exactly what rappers wear, it’s a pretty big task. It could be argued that this can’t actually be done, as the world of hip hop encourages unique, artists driven decisions that are somewhat unrealistic for normal people to follow. However, there are core items of a rapper’s wardrobe that over time, tho exaggerated for the sake of art, have become attainable staples for men’s jewelry. One of the biggest core pieces of jewelry for this is the Cuban link chain

This style of chain jewelry has been worn by the most famous rappers like JAY-Z and Kanye West to just name two. There are a variety of different ways that it can be worn and styled and also holds the unique feature of being as subtle or pronounced as need be. 

So what is a Cuban link chain, and why is it so important?

What is a Cuban Link Chain?

The Cuban link chain is a type of jewelry that is typically made of gold and is composed of ovals that are linked together in an overlapping way. This means that, unlike a more typical gold chain, they lack the empty centers, and instead can look more uniform and like a solid piece of pliable gold. The chain style is instantly different, unique, and eye-catching – however, it can be designed to fit any kind of attention level desired. 

As a slim chain, it can fit sleekly on a man’s wrist and add a subtle accent to any watch, or accompanying bracelet. The same kind of subtle, sophisticated effect can be had from a smaller necklaced Cuban link chain. However, if the desired effect is to be a little more pronounced, all you have to do is increase the size of the chain. 

JAY-Z famously wore an 11-pound, solid Cuban link chain necklace at one point. Now that’s a goal to work up to!  While these chains can be made from one precious metal like gold or silver, they can also be studded with diamonds for that extra eye-catching shine. 

What Can You Wear a Cuban Chain Link With?

One of the reasons why this chain is so well-loved is that you can wear a Cuban link chain with almost any kind of attire. Simple enough to wear casually to a family cookout or a night on the town with your significant other, and elegant enough to wear to a wedding or an important meeting. 

What’s more, because they are typically made from gold or silver, these colors can pair well with almost any pallet. 


Simple, elegant, masculine, and easy to pair with almost any clothing, Cuban link chains are the perfect jewelry choice for the modern man.

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